1. How can I post ads?

Ans. Simple! Just click on the "Publish Your Ad for Free" button. Fill out the details and upload images. Fill the recaptcha. Then click 'Publish'. You are


     2. Should I need to register for publishing ads?

Ans. No. You can publish with or without registration. But we say registering is better. Because unregistered users can only edit or delete their ads 

         only for certain period of time. A registered user can edit or delete or republish his/her ad anytime.

     3. I am facing problems with uploading images to my ads. What should I do?

Ans. If you are trying to upload images from a mobile device, maybe you could face some difficulty in uploading images. Images uploads works fine

         with Google Chrome, Firefox for Android and Apple Safari Mobile browsers. If you are using any other browsers like android's default internet

         browser etc, we suggests you to post ads with Google chrome. And one another thing to keep in mind that after clicking the upload images

         button you should select the images using a filemanager instead of selecting it using gallery. We observed some difficulty with uploading images

         selected with gallery.

    4. I can't edit my ads. When i tried to edit and update my ads, some error is showing like "Please enter no more than 0 characters". What now?

Ans. Don't worry. This was due to a bug. We fixed it. If it occurs again please notify us via our contact page.



For any other help please contact us with the 'Contact' link above.